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When we say we are insurance specialist, we don’t mean we’ve handled a few claims. We have been involved in 100’s of insurance claims and can give you expert advice on how to proceed with your Insurance Company. We have worked on roof insurance claims from every major insurance company that sells in this area and have a working relationship with their adjusters.

Your Insurance Project begins with a free inspection of your roof and property. By 
calling us first before you call your insurance company you can save yourself from making an unnecessary claim. We know the exact conditions that have to be met before your Insurance Company will pay for your roof and we will share that information with you.

Filing a Claim
After we inspect your roof we will inform you on whether or not the damage on your roof justifies filing a claim. Filing an insurance claim is as easy as making a phone call. We carry the phone #’s to all the major insurance company’s claim departments and have a record and date of when significant storms have hit the area for the past several years. You will need this information to file your claim.

Meeting the Adjuster
If you file a claim and authorize us to represent you, we will meet with your adjuster when he comes to inspect your roof. It is important to call us before your Insurance Company. It is much easier for us to convince your adjuster that the roof needs to be replaced when he is looking at it for the first time rather than after he has denied your roof and you call us to try and change his mind. We have worked with many homeowners who never had any luck getting their roof passed for replacement by their insurance company until they called us and had us meet the adjuster for them. We also make sure that the adjuster includes everything in your estimate that needs to be done so you get a quality roof replacement.

Once the roof gets passed for replacement, we will handle all the paperwork for you, including billing the insurance company for the completed project so you receive all of you insurance money. You still get a copy of your claim report, which we will go over with you so you understand just how the insurance company is paying you

We agree to do all insurance work for the amount of the insurance estimate. This means you will have no extra out of pocket expenseAll checks still go to you, and you can pay us as your Insurance Company pays you, so you will not have to come up with the cash while you wait for your insurance checks to arrive. In most cases the Insurance Company will hold back part of the money (Depreciation) until the roof is completed and we invoice them. If any extra work needs to be done we will bill your insurance company for it, not you.

In many cases we will be able to upgrade your roof using your Insurance Company proceeds. The Insurance Company will only pay for a roof that is equal in worth to what you have existing. We will take that same amount and upgrade you to a better roof if possible. See your sales rep.


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